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Water Treatment

If you are in or around Phoenix or a surrounding community, you have hard water coming out of your spigot, your showerhead, your garden hose. Hard water has a higher-than-normal level of minerals in it, which can affect its taste, its washing ability, and the life span of any appliance using such water. Hard water has a tendency to leave a ring around the tub, stains in your sink, and mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures.

Exclusively Tankless will make your water purer, cleaner, and softer, all the better for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing. We install, service, and repair many different types of water treatment systems including reverse osmosis, faucet mount filters, ion-exchange demineralization, ultraviolet purification, and water softeners. We are affordable and reliable, with competitive prices, highly-trained technicians, and warranties on all the products we install.

Water softening can improve everything from your lemonade to your laundry, make your hair shinier and softer, help your dishwasher last longer, get your car clean quicker. Purified water is healthier for drinking and cooking and is very important should you have infants or elderly in your household. Please contact us at Exclusively Tankless so we can discuss the most efficient and affordable way to soften and purify the water in your home.

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